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I've been an amateur photographer since I first saw the magic of a white piece of paper slowly producing a picture in a tray of developer over 40 years ago. Now I'm retired and photography is re-asserting its grip over me. I've gone digital and all my darkroom gear has been given away.
I photograph a range of subjects, the most specialist being underwater. I also look at macro subjects, landscapes and natural history. Travel also features strongly as there are so many places to go diving. I'm busy developing this site from my original photoblog. If you like what you see here you may want to visit (although I've not updated it since I started Shutterchance)

Like any 'artist' I present my work for others to consider and hopefully admire. Encouragement is always welcome and I look forward to receiving your comments.
I'm now on my third digital camera. Santa has just bought me a Fujifilm 9600 superzoom. It's still a 'bridge' camera but with an equiv 28 - 280mm zoom lens,9+ megapixels, filter thread and full manual control it saves lugging a selection of lenses, filters, and other junk around. I'm hoping it's the next best thing to a DSLR for a fraction of the price. You'll be able to judge for yourselves soon.
Up until now I used an Olympus C770 Ultrazoom. This compact, digital viewfinder camera has a 10x zoom (35mm equiv 38 - 380mm), a supermacro setting which focuses down to 1 cm and produces 4 megapixel images - enough to go to A3 unless you look really closely.
Underwater I pair it up with an Olympus 40m housing and a Sunpak underwater flash. I only done two dive trips with this combination so I'm still getting used to using it. Whilst above water I'll normally use the Fuji this will still be my holiday and dive camera.

Back in the digital darkroom I use Paint Shop Pro 7 and Photoshop Elements 5. I've still learnt only 5% of what they can do - so I've enrolled in an adult education class to find out more about Photoshop. I recently got a Wacom Graphics Tablet (which came with a free copy of Elements) and I've found this to be a REALLY useful tool.
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